If on one of your sites was detected copy-paste or misleading information, what to do, where to go?
In the case of such a problem, it is necessary to inform our managers. Do not forget to mention exactly on which site a problem was detected. Application will be reviewed by a moderator and solved as soon as it possible.
How can I pay for the services?
We work with most number of payment systems. Clarify they can be in the order form. Our experts will contact you and offer options from which you can choose the most appropriate one. Among available: Yandex.Money, PayPal, Webmoney Transfer, Western Union, UnionPay, MasterCard, Visa, Money Gramm, Telemoney and so on.
Do you decide the questions that do not apply to your projects?
We work only with the services, that are represented in the list. Also we offer only a specific list of services. As for other projects or services, we will not be considered. The services that we provide, include: selling of links, articles, advertising, project support, users of these projects, all kinds of consulting in this area and so on.
What projects does you work with?
Our service works with a very wide variation of sites. In particular, it: news portals, websites, business cards, portals of selling goods and services, information services, exchange articles, corporate sites, and more. Clarify a full list managers you can via the feedback form.
How to order services through your service?
To do this, just contact our manager. It is important carefully specify the service that you want to buy. Your questions will be granted.
In the case of other questions, you can always contact us via the feedback form. This is also true  in case of detection an error or copypaste. Your questions will be solved as soon as it possible.