Reddit as a platform for promotion

Reddit as a platform for promotion

Reddit is an English-language platform with useful content that combines social networks, a
forum, and a portal at the same time. This explains the popularity of Reddit. Regular users
greatly trust in the sources where the same people with the same problems share their advice,
experience, and recommendations.

Features of Reddit

Like many social media platforms, Reddit has its tricks.
1. Upvote/Downvote are two forms of voting: + and - respectively. Each user can put “for”
or “against” at his discretion, just like in Pikabu.
2. Front page - the main page. For unregistered users, all sorts of information will be here,
and for registered users - materials collected on the topics they have chosen.
3. Subreddit - a section in which posts on a single topic are published. This is a community
of interests located in a larger community (the audience of the entire platform). Here
everyone can leave a comment, share their opinion or experience, create a separate
post or take part in the discussion. Each subreddit has its moderator and certain rules.
4. Default subreddit - a group of the most popular subreddits (sections) of the resource,
which are displayed for unauthorized users.
5. AMA - stands for “ask me anything.” This is a type of interview at Reddit. Each user can
offer themselves as an expert in a certain topic. To do this, you need to write briefly
about yourself, about your activity, experience, etc. Next, an interview form is created
where any other user can leave a question.
6. Karma - a user point system. Each Upvote brings points, and Downvote, respectively,
takes them off. In this way the rating of authority is formed. The higher is the karma, the
higher the rate of the publications, the more users trust you.
You can familiarize yourself with the rules of the resource on the website.

How to use Reddit for promotion

The platform allows you to place links to third-party services, websites, information products and
applications, but with one condition. Please post about 10 posts on the same topic. So to speak,
service for service.
You share some useful thoughts, tips, help users, in turn, they perceive this with gratitude and
are generous with their Upvotes, sending you a plus sign in karma. Both in the literal and
figurative sense.
Karma, in turn, helps to advance to the top, increase the number of views, comments and user
ratings. Now you are popular on Reddit.
This is how it works over the entire time the resource is used. The ability to post links is provided
only to those who are active and do not spare their knowledge and experience, but share them
with others.
At first glance, it may seem that the creators of the platform focus on quantity, not quality.
However, an important selection system is thought out here. Each subreddit has its moderator.
Is there a lack of information and usefulness? You get a minus in karma.
Regular users can also rate the post and express their opinion through the ratings of
Upvote/Downvote - “for/against.” For positive feedback, karma increases, points are awarded,
the post rises to the top of the subreddit, the author’s expertise increases.
For negative ratings, certain sanctions may be imposed. Examples of those sanctions are a ban
or an inability to publish own materials, etc.
The best post for the platform is a viral post. Something that is widely discussed, causing a
violent reaction, public vibrancy. Want some good karma? Then write about something a simple
user cannot ignore.

Reddit Promotion Strategies

Reddit can be seen as a platform for a crowd marketing campaign. Meaning, we establish
contact with the audience, to then interest people in our product/service. This works here
because the resource has all the features of a forum, and the forums are always attractive. Here
everyone is equal, everyone helps each other.
There are at least three free promotion strategies:

Product testing

If you are just starting and you want to know the reaction of the audience, on Reddit you can
ask for that directly. User accounts are private here, so people are very open, honest, and ready
to express their opinion, not being afraid of social condemnation. This way you get an honest
opinion and advertise the product at the same time.
It is important to describe your product in as much detail as possible: with photos, videos, a link
to the website, if there is one. Users like when their opinion is appreciated, when they are asked
for advice. It is the way the advertising posts can be the most effective. An additional plus are
advice and suggestions from an interested target audience.

Drive traffic to your site

To attract new visitors to your resource, you can simply participate in various discussions and
debates, leaving a link to your website where it is logical and appropriate. An important point: a
link in a comment or post can be placed only when having enough karma points.
First of all, you need to create an account that will be at least 1 month old and have at least 100
karma comments (preferably up from 1000 of total karma). In order not to spend a month
creating such accounts, you can buy them on forums like bhw or the popular services for
promoting reddit like: buy reddit accounts, reddit accounts.
To ensure that the posts are not left without attention, they need to be displayed higher in the
hot sections, for this, within the first hour after publication, it is good to generate the votes.
Usually, even for large subreddits, 50-100 votes from old accounts with high karma will be
enough. If you don’t have your own votes, you can buy them on reddit upvotes, buy reddit
If you post from 10 posts per day, you can rent a reddit upvotes bot, so you can minimize the
cost of each post and can start and stop cheat votes whenever you want.

Lifehack: to interest the audience and motivate them to visit the website, post useful checklists
and guides. If the user sees that the information is worthwhile, they will go to the author’s
resource. The direct requests to evaluate usability/website design are also effective.
In general, the following subreddits are most demanded in Reddit:
● culture, art;
● life stories (with tips, tricks);
● educational posts;
● politics;
● religion;
● music;
● sport;
● nutrition;
● science;
● programming, technology.

Increasing brand awareness

If you already have a popular and really interesting product and you just want to show your
credibility and expertise, it is worth using the AMA “ask me anything” function.
You need to publish a small post about yourself, about the company and the product, and users
will post questions of interest to the topic. This establishes a trusting relationship with the
audience and helps to further interest people in the product.
The main conclusion is this: platforms like Reddit are very similar to the forums we are familiar
with, in which users value utility most. So create the appropriate posts, which will allow you to
gain trust and to further advance.