Bank withdrawal

domestic wire transfer

Online casino domestic wire transfer. Bank withdrawal.

A bank wire transfer casino payment option is a reliable way for a gambler to withdraw funds. The main challenge is that the most part of online casino wire transfer withdrawal procedures is international. For a gambler not using the STICPAY solution, this means higher commission for every transaction because every authorized mediator (bank) in the chain of trusted wire transfers takes its fee for the service. Compared to domestic wire transfer online, the international transaction is also time-consuming.

The use of the STICPAY system for wire transfer in casino transactions solves both issues. STIC Finance Ltd provides clients with the possibility to turn every withdrawal into the online domestic wire transfer through the network of affiliated banks. Compared to regular transfers requiring the client to wait for up to 5 business days with 5%+ commissions, the STICPAY solution is a lot more profitable. The wire transfer from online casino accounts to the client’s bank account may take two minutes with fees not higher than 2%.

The service is currently available for clients from Southern and Eastern Asia, Australia and Canada. The company plans to expand the geography of its activity to introduce its technology to the markets of Europe.